Metal 2020 – Year in Review

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The past year has been a shock for billions of people around the world. It seemed like no other year in recent memory had such a mix of good news and bad news, hardship and excitement, opportunities and closed doors. 2020 has been hard, but it has also been an important year of change.

With everything going on in the world and in our own personal lives, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with what changes have come to your favorite cryptocurrency projects. That’s why we made this 2020 Year In Review post to bring you up to speed on everything we’ve done for you this year at Metal.

A Growing Marketplace

The Metal Pay Marketplace was built to be the easiest way to access and use cryptocurrency. Not only can you buy and sell crypto directly with an FDIC-insured Cash wallet, but you can also send cryptocurrency to other Metal Pay users for free. This year, our Marketplace grew to have over 40 cryptocurrencies, and we don’t plan to stop there. Cryptocurrencies added this year include IOTA, ATOM, Tron (TRX), BUSD, ZEN, Decred (DCR), Proton (XPR), TOMO, DAI, Paxos Gold (PAXG), Chainlink (LINK), USDT, PAX, USDC, and HBAR. Did you see one of your favorite cryptocurrencies in that list? If not, let us know on Twitter – we might be able to add it to our queue for you.

Advocating for You

Since cryptocurrency’s inception, it often felt like crypto and the government were at odds with one another. We think this is fixable, which is why we spent the first part of this year introducing the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 before Congress. This Bill is designed to finally bring regulatory clarity to the cryptocurrency industry, accelerate the mass-adoption of crypto, and make ...

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