Metal Pay 2.7.0 for iOS is now available!

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The constant effort to make Metal Pay better than before continues! Our team has pushed a new update for Metal Pay iOS users centered on beauty and functionality. We want our app to look better, flow better, and work better than any other app, which is why we are constantly making subtle changes to improve your experience.

Looking Good

The Crypto and Cash cards have been redesigned to look a bit better than before, and they work even smoother behind the scenes, too. This means that Metal Pay is simply more beautiful than ever; we think you deserve an app that looks as good as you do.

Stay Informed

We’ve added much more details wherever we could, all in an effort to keep you more informed. Clicking the Cash card will bring you to a redesigned, more helpful Details page that puts everything you need to know right at your fingertips. This means you have more information to make decisions and track your finances; that’s more information than most banks would provide for you.

Trade Accurately

We’ve added faster updating price charts for the cryptocurrency that we offer in our Marketplace. Now you can stay ahead of the curve when buying, selling, or trading over 40 different cryptocurrencies on Metal Pay. Combine this with our one-of-a-kind integration of an FDIC-insured Cash wallet, and Metal Pay users now have the best way to trade and use cryptocurrency – no other app offers this level of integration and functionality.

Other Updates

We’re always making small adjustments and improvements to your overall user experience; we’re constantly searching for ways to improve every last pixel of Metal Pay. Spot something you think we should change? Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter and let them know!


We update the app regularly ...

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