Metal Pay Goes to Canada

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We are thrilled to announce that Metal Pay has gained a Money Services Business (MSB) license for Canada! This means that Canadian citizens will soon have access to peer-to-peer payments and other Metal Pay services that US users have come to know and love, including our cryptocurrency Marketplace, our intuitively designed Cash wallet, and more.

Gaining a foothold in Canada is a major step for Metal as a company. Our focus has remained making cryptocurrency accessible to more people than ever before. For that reason, we’ve streamlined the account creation process to take less than 10 clicks, expanded the number of cryptocurrencies we offer, eliminated fees for sending cryptocurrency to other users, and slashed fees for buying Bitcoin down to 0%. All of this, combined with the easiest fiat on-ramp into cryptocurrency, make Metal Pay the best place to dip your toes into crypto.

Cryptocurrency, and payments in general, is inherently borderless; we believe that there should be no constraints on where you send your money, or who you receive money from. We put in the footwork to bring Canada into the Metal ecosystem because we believe that our users should start living in a freer, more accessible world as soon as possible. Soon Metal Pay users, whether in the United States or Canada, can buy and sell cryptocurrency with cash or other crypto trading pairs, send and receive cash and cryptocurrency, and take full advantage of the most exciting time for the most exciting industry.

Another huge bonus to Metal Pay’s upcoming expansion to Canada is that it will finally allow Canadians to use a free peer-to-peer payments app! This might come as a shock to some of our US users, but people in Canada do not have access to the payments apps that you might use on ...

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