Metallicus CFO Irina Berkon speaks at AIBC Dubai, outlines our work with the US Government

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Our Chief Financial Officer, Irina Berkon, recently went to Dubai as an invited speaker at AIBC, where she spoke about everything we’re doing at Metallicus to bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi.

AIBC is a world-renowned conference where the most successful financial companies come together to discuss the future of money. The fact that our CFO was invited to speak about what we’re building should act as a strong signal that the right players are taking note of what is happening at Metallicus.

Irina outlined how we’re approaching the intersection of TradFi and DeFi, saying “On the topic of banks: we took an approach of if you can’t fight them, join them.” Our goal has always been to work with regulators, not against them; we’re thrilled to see that these efforts are making a difference.

Transparency and leadership are core principles here at Metallicus. We firmly believe that we have a pivotal role to play in how the government will come to view cryptocurrency and DeFi in general. There’s no time to be antagonistic when the future of the global economy is at stake; every day that passes when regulations are murky is a day when more people are excluded from financial freedom.

“Right now we are writing a paper about what should be authorized activities of a bank when it comes to decentralized exchanges, when it comes to blockchains, when it comes to DeFi and swaps and all kinds of these new upcoming technologies and products. I must say: […] we are being welcomed with open arms to educate them. – Irina Berkon

We’re doing our part to bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi by coming alongside the United States federal government, educating them about what is happening in DeFi, and helping them find specific ...

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