MicroWorkers Integrates Ontology’s ONTO Wallet To Facilitate Additional Payment Options For Workers

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MicroWorkers’ integration of ONTO Wallet completes the latest phase in their joint venture with Ontology to promote users’ access to additional payment options

To further their mutual aim of empowering microworkers across the globe, Ontology, the high performance, public blockchain specializing in decentralized identity and data, and global freelancing marketplace leader MicroWorkers (MW), have announced the completion of the latest phase of their collaboration. Following the initial confirmation of the partnership in February 2020, this latest phase of the collaboration saw Ontology work closely with Microworkers to oversee the integration of its ONTO Wallet with the MicroWorkers platform, thereby enabling users to receive their rewards through methods other than PayPal and Payoneer, and increasing access to capital for many around the world.

The global online freelancing market is growing rapidly and members of the burgeoning industry are utilizing blockchain technology to make their platform and marketplaces more efficient. Today’s announcement comes at a time of heightened interest in crypto participation and sees MicroWorkers leverage the Ontology blockchain to support its growing AI demands and enable workers and employers to use their ONTO digital wallets to receive and send crypto payments. MicroWorker users are also able to securely store and share their account history and reputation score through their ONT ID on-chain, allowing for cutting-edge encryption while placing sole control of the data in the hands of the user. With the initial test phase of the integration now completed, these services will soon be available to all MicroWorkers users.

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, stated, “We are proud that this partnership will enable the users and employers of MicroWorkers to get paid through ONTO app, showcasing Ontology’s blockchain and identity platform as a way to deliver these much-needed services at a time when micro workers most need it.”

Using their ONTO digital ...

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