Midem while snowing outside? Sure, why not.

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We went to see if we can predict the future of music in 2021.

Midem is one of our favorite music conferences. It features almost one week of keynotes, workshops, panels, and networking events — that’s all good. But the best thing? It’s held on the French Riviera in the summer! There’s no better feeling than going on a business meeting, wearing flip-flops and sunscreen, and trying to keep your sh*t together after a late hour networking afterparty the night before.

We had everything booked for this year’s edition: plane tickets, an entire house for the team, we even pinpointed the bakery where we would buy croissants and baguettes. But because 2020 decided we can’t have good things, we had to cancel everything.

Still, the good people of Midem decided to do a week-long online networking event, hosting artists, managers, music tech companies, investors and pretty much anyone else who has ever been backstage. Viberate was invited to speak at a kind of a speed-dating panel about music metrics, along with colleagues from Chartmetric, Nielsen, and ROSTR. We all had 15-minute blocks to discuss data analytics, and the moderators randomly selected 20 people to attend our short presentation and a Q&A session.

Here we are. That “Muppet show intro” meme comes to mind.

Takeaway 1: everyone’s into data.

It’s nice to see how the entire music analytics sector has been evolving this year and growing in influence. All of a sudden everyone and their mother is interested in looking into numbers, percentages, and graphs to make more solid business decisions.

This means you, dear both readers, should be too. You can access ours HERE (pssst, there’s a 1-week free trial period on ANY account, so go wild), and if you’re releasing through Beatport, do also join a free webinar I’ll be hosting with ...

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