Migration updates

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Migration updates

Happy ERC20 Golem Holidays everyone!

As you know, on November 19th 2020 we launched the migration GNT -> GLM, and we’re very excited to see the response from our community in the past month. Since the previous update, there has been a few news, and as we are writing, 28.82% of the total supply has been migrated!

Exchanges migrated and Uniswap Liquidity

Since the new GLM can be traded on DEXes, a significant percentage of the trading now happens in Uniswap.

The most exciting part is that the liquidity has been community-sourced (Golem Factory only set up the first Uniswap GLM / ETH pair with a small seed amount).

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) refers to DEXes and protocols that do not rely on central financial intermediaries, but the communities decide about the listings, grow the liquidity and more. If you are curious about DeFi, and you want to learn how then we suggest you start here, a well-rounded learning resource. Trading on DEXes, gives you the opportunity to swap and acquire tokens in a permissionless manner - that means you are the sole responsible for your own safety.  

However, exchanges remain integral to us, and almost all main exchanges have migrated and set up their respective pairs:

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