MOAC Foundation hosts Blockchain Investor Panel in NYC

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Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving beyond its earliest use cases and the rising trend in commercial applications of blockchain revolutionizes the way many businesses operate. No longer is blockchain limited to financial transactions, but now it plays a crucial role in supply chain management, infrastructure, digital identity, asset tokenization and in combination with other cutting edge technologies. The MOAC Foundation wanted to offer insights on some of these applications by presenting perspectives from industry experts currently investing in these projects.

On Tuesday September 10th 2019, the MOAC Foundation hosted a Blockchain Investor Panel at Distributed Global in New York City. The panel was moderated by Mike Rogers, founder of Millennials In Blockchain, and included Cherie Liu, Partner of Outpost Capital and Head of US for the MOAC Foundation, Kevin O’Brien, Managing Director at Rock Tree LEX, Jack Laskey, Partner at the New Economy Fund, and Evan Feng, Founder and CIO of Tapestry Capital.

Panelists tackled a wide array of topics from trends in the Blockchain VC space, the migration from traditional finance to digital assets, to the barriers slowing down institutional adoption, and the potential implications of 5G technology.

On the topic of the major innovation in Blockchain, MOAC Foundation Head of US, Cherie Liu said that apart from the creation of Bitcoins, blockchain technology “can also support many other functions such as stable coins that are backed by securities or other assets……..It could also be applied to the financial industry and FinTech as secure payments solution also reduces a lot of paperwork.”

“I think Bitcoin’s future is more towards becoming a commodity like digital gold,” said Cherie Liu.

Cherie also pointed out that there are a lot of interesting and encouraging blockchain applications coming out of China. “For example, we (MOAC) are helping China with some traditional businesses such ...

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