MOAC Workshop at Blockchain Lab NYU with Principal Engineer Martin MA

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Blockchain has been growing and evolving rapidly since the release of the first whitepaper about the technology in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. One of the best ways to aid the growth of the developer community is to offer students access to the latest technology. On Wednesday October 9th 2019, the MOAC Foundation hosted a workshop with the Blockchain Lab at NYU. MOAC Principal Engineer, Martin Ma, presented the MOAC platform and several use cases to a group of engineering students and blockchain industry professionals at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Martin Ma began by sharing his impressive background with over 25 years experience, working for large companies like Amazon and Huawei as a software engineer. Over the course of his career, Ma has also worked for Verifone, China Construction Bank, and CCFE (China Commodity Futures Exchange).

Cherie Liu, Head of US for the MOAC Foundation and Managing Partner at Outpost VC, introduces MOAC and Principal Engineer Martin Ma to the audience.

Ma then described how blockchain technology is still in its early days and compared it with the first web sites, dial-up internet and the first emails. He expressed to the crowd what an opportunity they have in front of them and encouraged them to build a startup or project on top of MOAC. “MOAC is like Android Operating System. If you can do a better application on top of it, you can change the world. A small change can impact a lot of people around the world,” said Ma.

Ma went on to explain how blockchain provides value by preventing double-spending using proof of ownership, with the example of sending a Bitcoin versus forwarding an email. He elaborated on how MOAC is a decentralized network versus how the web currently operates with central servers. He went on ...

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