Monthly Report — October 2020

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Monthly Report — October 2020

This report includes October’s technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results and more…

Technology developments

Products and Tools

Swap.nextDAO Research & Development:

Development and testing completed this month includes:

  • Add liquidity development, allowing users to deposit funds to provide liquidity while supporting liquidity removal
  • Contract Call Examples and Local Testing
  • Contract Test Network Deployment Test
  • Interoperable debugging with Link

In addition, the pledged LP was initiated for incentive development to cooperate with the Swap incentive scheme, including:

  • Contract framework
  • Interface design

Link.nextDAO Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Research & Development:

Development and testing completed this month, includes:

  • Interoperable debugging with Swap

Nebulas Explorer Browser Update:

  • Add interface with Link and Swap
  • Bug repair: URL unchanged when switching from testnet/mainnet
  • Support for the nUSDT asset

Nebulas Chrome Extension / Wallet NASExtWallet Upgrade:

This is a project supported by the Nebula Foundation, transformed from a bug reward, developed by community member Hex, and is has been released. More details about NP313:

The development contents included:

  • Functionality: Increase notification alert when sending transactions
  • The multilingual notification includes at least English, Chinese, and the Korean.

The new version 0....

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