MySky: Your Home on the Global Operating System of the Future

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Skynet is best thought of as a single shared operating system for the Internet. All files and applications exist in the same global space, and MySky is a technology we are rolling out to make the most of this shared technology.

In the simplest sense, MySky is a decentralized identity protocol that gives users their own empire of data within Skynet. Everything that happens inside of that empire is under the control of the user, but it can also be visited by anyone else and shared around freely.

The true power of MySky lies in the way it facilitates sharing data between users and applications. MySky provides a standard for declaring data in a way that makes it easy for anyone in the world to discover that data. At the same time, it provides standards for protecting that data, ensuring only data which is meant to be found is discoverable by others.

Finally, MySky provides simple yet powerful tooling that enables applications to make use of the same data. For example, the profile information of a user like their preferred name and avatar can be placed in a shared folder, and then safely used and updated by all of the user’s applications. This tooling extends to any type of data.

Universal Login

At its core, MySky is a decentralized identity protocol. It is a single sign-in that can be re-used across every application. In some ways, it’s similar to the ‘Sign in with Google’ button, except instead of Google owning your identity getting information about every app you use, you own your identity and all of the associated personal information.

We’ve structured MySky so that it works more like logging into your phone than logging onto the Internet. On your phone, once you’ve logged in you can use any of your applications, and ...

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