Natrium Passes Security Audit

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Natrium Wallet Passes Security Audit

At the Nano Foundation, we are always looking for opportunities to strengthen and support our shared ecosystem. By working to make Nano as accessible as possible, through the provision of well-maintained documentation and by supporting developers and services closely, we help to create a fertile environment for new and existing services. Occasionally we identify services that play a particularly important role in the ecosystem and further explore potential methods of support.

Since its release in August 2018, Natrium has been one of the most popular and acclaimed wallets available to Nano users. Creators Brandon and Yekta have worked hard to ensure the mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, has set the gold standard for mobile Nano wallets.

Natrium boasts some of the most intuitive, practical, and intelligent features of all wallets in the crypto space. With a clear understanding of the utility of Nano, the developers recognize the importance of making the user experience as smooth as possible. They have designed the wallet for simple daily spending.

The attention to detail and regular addition of quality of service features like changeable skins, NFC, notifications, and an in-app representative list make Natrium the preferred mobile wallet of many Nano users.

Over time the Nano community has made it clear that Natrium is an important and popular project to the ecosystem. We share that sentiment and wish to see it continue to grow and offer a fantastic service to our community. After considering how we could best support their project, and after discussing with their team, we concluded that an independent security audit would be the optimal way to assist the ongoing improvement of Natrium.

In July, a comprehensive code review and security audit was successfully conducted by Red4Sec for the wallet and server code repositories, with no critical vulnerabilities ...

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