Nebulas AMA Recap — November 11th, 2020

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Nebulas AMA Recap — November 11th, 2020

With the initial launch of link.nextDAO and swap.nextDAO currently taking place, the Nebulas Foundation held a live AMA on the Nebulas Discord server. During this event, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas Foundation member Becky Lu answered over 30 questions during the 2 hour event pertaining to DeFi, Nebulas technology, future business model, roadmaps and much more.

This event was a great experience for all involved where the Nebulas Foundation can see what the community is thinking about as well as sharing the direction that Nebulas development is taking. We’re extremely optimistic about the future of blockchain and Nebulas and we hope this AMA event helped the community see the larger vision.

Below is a list of the community asked questions and answers:

1. SilverBlack909: Are there any plans on developing further Defi borrowing and lending capabilities on NAS nano Pro?

Nebulas Founder Hitters: Currently, there are not many assets on the Nebulas network. The DeFi borrowing and lending business depends on strong market demand. I believe that when Link and Swap get more mature, Link can introduce more assets from other networks, or when Nebulas itself generates more new assets, the market will grow due to lending demand, the lending business will naturally increase. Even if the Nebulas Foundation does not do it, other teams will do it.

2. M5j: Any updates on buyback or is it cancelled?

Hitters: There are currently no updates on the buyback; it’s currently suspended. There will be future announcements for the community if there is additional news.

3. DaLiberator1: How will the features in link.nextDAO and swap.nextDAO help developers build apps?

Hitters: Link converts the assets between Ethereum and Nebulas. Tokens on Ethereum can be converted into the Nebulas ecosystem and vice versa. Swap provides the assets exchange within Nebulas’ network. ...

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