Nebulas enters the cross-chain DeFi space!

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For the past few months, the Nebulas team has been developing two new products to directly compete with existing DeFi projects and today we are happy to announce the launch of Link.nextDAO and Swap.nextDAO!

Cross-Chain assets via Link.nextDAO

For too long each blockchain has been limited to its own network resulting in high transaction fees, slow speeds and limiting growth of the global blockchain ecosystem. To combat this issue, Nebulas has developed link.nextDAO which will allow for Ethereum users to utilize Nebulas’ high performance, low latency and low fee blockchain network.

As a result, ETH and ERC20 holders can hold their assets on Nebulas and participate in DeFi with the above mentioned benefits. In addition, this will allow NAS holders to move their assets to Ethereum and participate in the wealth of existing DeFi tools such as Uniswap, and much more!

To kickstart this ecosystem, link.nextDAO will waive all cross-chain fees for users (besides gas/tx fees)!

Tokens to be initially supported via link.nextDAO:

  • USDT (Ethereum) to nUSDT (Nebulas)

Coming soon after release:

  • NAS (Mainnet Nebulas) to eNAS (NAS on Ethereum)
  • ETH (Ethereum) to nETH (ETH on Nebulas)

In addition, the community can submit proposals for additional assets to be supported via and the governance committee will vote on the proposals.

Safety for your cross-chain assets:

The source code for link.nextDAO have been thoroughly tested, audited by the security firm Knownsec and publicly released for community oversight.

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