Nebulas Establishes Multi-Million Dollar Innovation Fund; Launches OKExChain Node

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There is more to blockchain than just technology. It’s about community, collaboration and participating in the advancements of fellow projects. With this in mind, the Nebulas Foundation in participating with Nebulas Labs will be joining the OKExChain by deploying a node on their brand new platform. In addition, we are offering the Nebulas and blockchain community the opportunity to participate in this node and initially receive 100% of all incentives! Sounds good? Then keep reading!

The Nebulas Foundation has established a $2 million USD innovation and incubation fund, managed by Nebulas Labs and supported by the Blockchain Innovation Project. This project aims to explore and connect Nebulas’ ecosystem to others such as Ethereum and other blockchains with the intention to spur further innovation within Nebulas. The fund’s first incubation program will be the establishment and operation of a OKExChain node, and will be supported by the foundation operated Nebulas labs.

Project Background

OKExChain is an open-source, high-performance decentralized public blockchain developed by OKEx, which aims to drive the operation of business based on blockchain technology. By joining the OKExChain, nodes receive incentives based on ranking and block generation.

Their mainnet launched on January 22, 2021, and entered the stability test stage of the mainnet. The OKExChain AMM-based trading platform is also nearing completion with NAS and NAX being some of many assets on the platform and will provide liquidity mining. As a result, Nebulas will be expanded onto more public chains. For details of farming incentives from this program, please see the details in a follow-up announcement.

Node voting plan

The Nebulas Lab expects to launch the OKExChain node on January 21, named NOVA. During the node startup phase, OKT entrusted fundraising will be opened to the Nebulas and OKEx communities. OKT is a native token issued by OKExChain’s mainnet, which is used ...

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