Nebulas Monthly Report — August 2020

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Nebulas Monthly Report — August 2020

August technical developments, online activities, governance review and monthly data statistics. Includes the progress of the DeFi Technology Roadmap, community project results and more.

Technical Details

Nebulas Foundation Unveils Second-Half DeFi Technology Roadmap!

DeFi products include:

  • Link.nextDAO — Cross-chain assets: Supports Ethereum assets.
  • Swap.nextDAO — Decentralized instant trading: Provides automatic market making and liquidity, allowing for free creation of trading pairs.
  • Market.nextDAO — decentralized lending: Lend assets while having them remain in the hands of the owner; decentralized pools of funds to avoid security risks associated with smart contract assets.
  • DeFi APP — NAS nano Pro: Upgrade app to support the DeFi ecosystem.
  • PoD: on-chain governance update

Roadmap release:

Mainnet Network and Data

PoD consensus mechanism:

  • node penalty alert update
  • node voting information update

Nebulas Network API Update:

  • NAS Distribution Data Update
  • Add Online trigger Report
  • Event Query API

Learn more about the new API tools at:

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