Network-agnostic Single Sign-On System: New Patented Technology from Nucleus Vision

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Nucleus Vision launches an innovative Single Sign-On (SSO) solution (Patent No: 10397787) to enable a secure, hassle-free customer authentication. The solution is unique for being network-agnostic and eliminates the need for difficult passwords and one-time passwords (OTP) by leveraging a telecom-partner network. Nucleus Vision’s Single Sign-On solution can be integrated with any website, mobile app, or WiFi network that requires customer authentication.

Nucleus Vision’s Single Sign-On system replaces OTP-based customer verification and addresses two major issues:

  • possible unauthorized access through OTP theft
  • authentication failures due to delay in receiving OTP over SMS

With Nucleus Vision’s Single Sign-On system, users login to an application or connect to a WiFi network using a unique combination of phone number and device ID. They do not require to remember difficult passwords and hence, will not experience password fatigue and will not spend time re-entering passwords for the same identity.

A survey by Harris Interactive reports that 59% of users follow the unsafe practice of reusing passwords because they find it hard to remember them. Nucleus Vision’s Single Sign-On system addresses this issue and assures secure authentication. This also helps businesses reduce IT help desk costs.

The global Single Sign-On market was $770 million in 2018 and is growing at a double-digit CAGR of 13.6% to reach $2.13 billion by 2025. The implementation of Single Sign-On solution is the highest in North America while the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Japan, China, and Australia, is expected to grow at the highest CAGR by 2023.

With the rising adoption of Single Sign-On solutions globally, the proprietary technological solution will provide new opportunities for Nucleus Vision to quickly expand to new international markets.

Watch Avinash Pitti, CTO of Nucleus Vision, announce the launch of the new Single Sign-On system:

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