New Community Milestone: Komodo Internship Program Completed

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From August 1 to October 31, we ran a community-building internship program. It was a huge success! Komodo onboarded 7 passionate members to our open source community, who all want to continue on new adventures with us.

When I first proposed the idea of running a Komodo Internship Program, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I just asked myself, “How can we expand the Komodo open source community?” I’ve always known the Komodo community to be a smart, dedicated, and passionate group of people, so I was optimistic going into the internship. 

Well, the results of the 3-month internship program surpassed my expectations. I posted an open call on Komodo Discord. I was happy to find a group of 7 awesome community members who all shared a common goal they want to help build a stronger, more vibrant Komodo community. Thanks to Artakush, Churro, CryptoJesus, J4CK (yeti), Jcharming, joe_land1, and Sakata!

Mission Accomplished: What We Achieved

Our interns achieved a lot during a short period of time. Each intern got a chance to showcase their own interests and skills and learn what it’s like to be a part of a distributed team.

Some of the key highlights of this internship program included:

  1. Full Community Audit At the beginning of the internship program, we did a thorough analysis of our existing community structure and marketing efforts. By understanding these challenges and opportunities,  we were able to brainstorm new ideas and bring them to fruition throughout the rest of the internship.
  2. Discord Discussion Sprints The interns led several important discussions on Discord about our project values, community structure, and other topics. The community provided a lot of useful feedback.
  3. KMD Community Twitter A new community Twitter account was created, and interns ran a Komodo-themed meme ...

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