New Golem’s Alpha.3 reveal – zkSync integration + more!

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New Golem's Alpha.3 reveal - zkSync integration + more!

Hello fans and friends of Golem! We know there are those of you for which every little sneak-peek of our progress matters. To that end, we're trying hard to keep a more or less steady pace between the subsequent reveal releases of the New Golem and here we are with another one for you!

Layer 2 has arrived!

The highlight of today's reveal is the introduction of Layer 2 payments through zkSync. Ever since the conception of Golem, we have been trying to solve and struggling with an important problem that we recognized as a major showstopper for Golem's (and to be frank, most Ethereum-based decentralized applications') wider adoption - high transaction fees in the Ethereum blockchain. Utilizing zkSync is a major step forward towards addressing this issue. For more information, have a look at our introduction to Layer 2 on zkSync in our handbook.

zkSync is now enabled as the default payment driver, and both our Python and JS high-level APIs are supporting its use. When you initialize the payments module as a requestor now, the daemon will contact our new zkSync faucet which, in turn, will transfer the GLM tokens to your address directly on zkSync, significantly reducing the time it takes for the requestor agent to be ready to send tasks to the network and pay for them.

Currently, Layer 2 support is limited to transfers. We'll be adding more functionality, like withdrawals and top-ups in the next release. While we're pretty sure the new payment solution will work for you, in case you have any trouble, we're also providing you with a fallback to our previously battle-tested, regular on-chain driver.

Unified provider and requestor network

Another major update is that, for the first time in the New Golem, we've felt confident enough to all of you ...

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