NEW: xDai and Request Partnership.

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NEW: xDai and Request Partnership. Request becomes multi-chain for scalability with xDai Stable Chain | Request

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with xDai Stable Chain. We integrated our Ethereum-based protocol, the Request Network, with their sidechain solution where block confirmations are fast, and transactions are stable and highly inexpensive. Implementing the xDai Bridge provides fast interoperability between xDai and Ethereum, allowing Request to utilize their xDai token for transactions and convert them into Dai on the Ethereum mainnet. We’ve seen tremendous results in performance with speed and throughput, as well as a 10,000x reduction cost in transaction fees.

Request faces scaling challenges amidst Ethereum network congestion

Since the Request Invoicing app launch on August 2020, our user base has been growing notably. With more invoices being generated by crypto freelancers and organizations using our app, there’s been a higher volume of on-chain transactions on the Ethereum network. In recent months, the number of transactions has doubled (as illustrated in the Request Activity Dashboard), and it’s projecting to grow significantly throughout the months to come.

However, following an increase in new DeFi protocols and apps running on Ethereum has created major problems with transaction cost, speed, scalability, and a congested network over the last several months. This ultimately affects everyone in the blockchain space, particularly our users who have been experiencing delays when creating, accepting, and rejecting invoices. With the highly anticipated Ethereum L2 solution postponed further until summer this year, we needed an immediate scalability solution to provide us stable, fast, and low-cost transactions.

Request becomes multi-chain with xDai Stable Chain as the first Ethereum scaling solution that Request implements

Given its growing popularity and highly used platform with 19,000,000+ transactions, it was clear from the start that xDai was a smart choice for Request as a secured and stable ...

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