Next Step: Make Music Make Money for Everyone

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If you’re interested in co-creating the new music economy, keep reading.

Can you imagine a world where being a musician is a stable, paying job like any other? We can, and we call it “the new music economy”.

Picture a digital-first environment with far less guesswork and far more sure shots. An ecosystem in which music artists can independently and securely manage their bookings and connect directly with professionals such as event organizers, label managers and talent scouts, while the latter can make safer business decisions with the help of data analytics (e.g., booking an undiscovered band that’s popular with the local audience and selling more tickets). An ecosystem that benefits fans as well, as they can arrange exclusive customized events with their favorite music artists via secure online contracts.

This idea of a “new music economy” has been tossed around for a couple of years already, but now it’s very close to becoming a reality — thanks to NFTs.

You see, while we at Viberate do believe that NFTs can unlock this fantastic new world, we have to work together as an industry to build it. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy or that we’ll achieve this wonderful utopia in its fullest. We’re simply saying we can start making it happen.

So here’s the deal: we’d like to see if the NFT craze is more than just a fad. Let’s see if the music community is indeed ready to start managing bookings and fan engagements with the help of big data insights and tokenized contracts.

If you’re interested in exploring NFTs, we’re interested in helping you make it happen. Head on to our dedicated page to tell us what you’re interested in and submit your application.

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