nextDAO Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Link and Decentralized Conversion Swap Details!

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Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Conversion of Swap.nextDAO Public Testing Begins Today’s on the Nebulas and Ethereum testnets. Start by visiting:

Cross-chain asset conversion Link.nextDAO

Cross-Chain Asset Translation Link.nextDAO:

Open source contract code:

  • Enables conversion of ERC20 token to NRC20 token on Nebulas
  • Enables reverse conversion of NRC20 token to ERC20 token on Ethereum
  • Supports Ethereum and Nebulas address exchange requests

Support assets during testing:

  • USDT (Ethereum kovan testnet)
  • nUSDT (Nebulas testnet)

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO address:

Open source contract code:


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