NFT Marketplace Opens Up on IOST’s Testnet- Calling for Participants

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IOST NFT x GSP strategy battle game “Crosslink — Crosslink” has been released by Platinum Egg Team. The team is now working on the “NFT Marketplace” where you can buy and sell IOST NFT items. “TOKEN LINK” is now available on the IOST testnet.

Note: This article is an introduction to the use cases of products and services developed on the IOST platform (open-source platform). Please make sure you understand all the risks associated with the service.

First, start by connecting to the “Crosslink” Game

The Platinum Egg team is currently working on beta testing the NFT marketplace “Tokenlink” on the IOST testnet before connecting to the IOST mainnet. In October 2020, the team has also released the battle game “Crosslink” with IOST NFT and GPS integration, and the NFT marketplace will first be launched with the “Crosslink “Connect with the game and allow you to buy and sell in-game items.

Play Your Heroes and Win the Battle Against Extraterrestrial Monsters!

Link your heroes to the GPS to get them to their destination in-game, defeating enemies and even leaving the game itself to earn items and equipment. Train your heroes to expand their range of activities and join forces with other players to fight enemy bosses. You can earn rewards for your efforts. You can control your own heroes to fight, or leave them alone and let the game heroes decide what to do.

IOST NFT x CROSSLINK, a GPS-Linked Blockchain Strategy Game is Now Online

Call for participants for release on the mainnet

Prior to the connection of the marketplace with IOST mainnet, the Platinum Egg team is looking for testers from the IOST community to participate. After obtaining an IOST TestNet account, testers are able to access the “Tokenlink” test page to buy and sell game items through iWallet.

Participants as testers in the Japanese community ...

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