Nominations, Celebrations and Webinar Rotations

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Is No-Nonsense-November a thing? Because we definitely smashed it.

Shhh, can you hear it? Out in the distance? It’s the sound of millions of Christmas playlists warming up to celebrate Mariah Carey emerging from her yearly slumber.

And just like Ms. Carey, we too ended November on a high note. Jokes aside, let’s see the short recap.

We got nominated for Startup of the Year! 🎉

Central European Startup Awards recognized us as Slovenian finalists in the category due to our status as a “high growth potential startup”.

Public votes are open, so be sure to cast your vote for us. It’s what Mariah would’ve wanted (OK, OK, no more Mariah jokes, I promise).

👉 Vote for us here 👈

New & improved: Beatport Charts & Audience analytics

We launched a couple of improvements to our Viberate analytics. First were the Audience analytics, an extremely useful feature for artists and label executives alike. Check it out:

Recognize Your Audience and Grow

Then there are Beatport Charts, a feature for all Beatport enthusiasts out there. Besides tracking performance, the charts offer a variety of discoveries. Simply browse by countries, Beatport genres, timeframes… and read a short introduction right here.

Find New Talent and New Insights With Beatport Charts

Did you know “webinar” is an anagram of “wine bar”? 🍷

And it’s lockdown-friendly, too! We served up a bunch of cool sessions covering all the different ways you can use Viberate analytics, and got some great feedback....

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