Non-custodial Staking to Release on the Zilliqa mainnet on 14 October

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Non-custodial Staking to be Released on the Zilliqa mainnet on 14 October

  • Share your feedback on Zilswap UI and gZIL functionality as part of the public beta testnet testing, now extended to 2 October
  • Scroll below for detailed Zilswap guidelines

Greetings all,

We are happy to announce that the much-awaited non-custodial staking will go live on the mainnet on October 14!

Staking on mainnet is being built to give each of you a smooth, simplified and secure experience. This is made possible not just by our brilliant tech team, but also in large part due to your engagement. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, and our trusted auditors PwC for all the fantastic inputs coming our way. Our tech team has already begun reviewing suggestions, and are implementing the required changes. In fact, we have decided to keep our feedback channels open, and extend the public beta testnet testing of the non-custodial seed node staking programme till October 2.

In this extended beta testnet testing period, we request the community to help test Zilswap— the decentralised exchange built by Switcheo on Zilliqa —on the testnet version, as well as the gZIL token contract. Our objective is to ensure smooth functionality of all elements within staking and beyond, and your feedback is crucial to achieving that. Please spend some time this weekend to test out the features and share suggestions via this submission link.

If you scroll below, you’ll find detailed instructions on using Zilswap on the testnet. Note: There are various testing options to consider in this beta test. You could a) HODL gZIL; b) withdraw the gZIL received from your stake, trade it for ZIL on Zilswap, and re-stake the swapped ZIL on Zillion; or c) pool ZIL and gZIL rewards earned via staking in the Zilswap ...

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