Nucleus Vision — Spearheading Retail Experience Transformation Through Innovation

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Nucleus Vision — Spearheading Retail Experience Transformation Through Innovation

Nucleus Vision brings forth cutting-edge technologies to create a customer-centric shopping experience. By partnering with several retail industry giants, Nucleus Vision has expanded its customer access network to more than 688 million users in the subcontinent region. Nucleus Vision is currently serving more than a million customers a year.

It has been an exciting and challenging journey for Nucleus Vision. The team is closely observing the changing patterns of customer behaviour and creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of retailers. Here’s an account of how the company is spearheading the revolution in the retail industry.

4G-enabled ION Sensor:

In a move towards building a network agnostic ecosystem, Nucleus Vision launched 4G-enabled ION sensors. Being capable of detecting store visitors that are using 4G mobile networks, along with the ones that are on 3G & 2G, the new sensors are bringing in more people into the ION sensor’s coverage.

The 4G-enabled sensors perform ten times faster than the earlier ones and use an IoT-friendly LTE module that runs on lower power. Thus, the lifetime of the battery is increased by up to 10 years and maintenance cost is reduced tremendously.

The Mobile Economy 2018 report by GSMA projects that the number of global 4G connections will increase from 29% in 2017 to 53% in 2025. Evidently, the 4G enabled sensors will enable our retail partners to serve a vast customer base better with more faster and accurate insights into the shoppers.

Retailer dashboard:

Enabling retailers to precisely measure the key performance indicators in real-time, Nucleus Vision launched a dashboard. Retailers can gauge the metrics that include footfall trends, average dwell time, conversion rate, basket size, campaign efficacy, and revenue.

Real-time personalized communication in the store plays a major role in turning new customers into loyal customers ...

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