Nucleus Vision: Roundup — October 2019

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Nucleus Vision: Roundup — October 2019

Message from the CEO

Nucleus Vision has started off the last quarter of the year with significant progress in all aspects of its business. This exhilarating journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of our vast global community. I thank each one of you for being with us!

— Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision

The Progress Made in Q3 2019 — by Abhishek Pitti

Abhishek unfolded major breakthroughs that happened during the third quarter of 2019. He addressed the technological developments and progress in business expansion, operations, and telecom integrations made in Q3, 2019.

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The Growth Story of Nucleus Vision in Q3 2019: What’s in Store?

Deterministic Attribution System — A Game Changer in Omnichannel Retail

Avinash Pitti, CTO of Nucleus Vision, explains the proprietary O2O Attribution system:

Nucleus Vision launched the world’s first deterministic retail attribution system (Patent no. 10334426) to empower retailers to amplify results from their omnichannel campaigns. Nucleus Vision’s O2O Attribution system unfolds the complicated customer journey across channels (online channels ⇋ offline channels) and helps retailers perform informed real-time campaigns.

Though there have been O2O Attribution solutions available in the market, they are probabilistic in nature, and their accuracy is questionable. Nucleus Vision’s O2O Attribution system outperforms these solutions with great accuracy and reliability.

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IoT-Based O2O Attribution from Nucleus Vision: Taking Omni-Channel Retail to the Next Level

A Refreshed Look to Nucleus Vision Official Website

Nucleus Vision’s journey has been exciting, challenging, and successful in connecting retailers, telecoms, and consumers through a data network. The company’s official website came afresh and you can take a tour of the revamped website on

Holiday Wishes, Single Sign-on, DevCon 2019 & More — by Abhishek Pitti

Abhishek Pitti extended ...

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