NULS Bi-Monthly Report — First Half of December

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NULS Bi-Monthly Report — First Half of December

Technological Progress

  • The NULS node updated to 2.8.0, which has improved stability, and solved the problem of producing yellow cards due to large transaction volume.
  • Continued to develop the Chrome plug-in. Completed the joint debugging of NULS and Nerve chain transactions.
  • The new version of Nabox has had it’s background development work completed, and its Android and IOS versions are in the debugging stage.
  • NTC optimized the Nerve web wallet asset list, which can display asset ID and circulated network.
  • NTC upgraded the Nerve node program to 1.7.0. It has added the pledge and price feed of two assets, NVT-ETH UNI-V2-LP/NVT-BNB Cake-LP.

Business and Community Progress

December 1, 2020

NULS and Ankr have reached a strategic cooperation. Ankr will provide fast node deployment services for NULS and NULS parachains. Meanwhile, NULS will also support cross-chain access for Ankr and its ecosystem projects to NULS and NerveNetwork.

December 2, 2020

NULS updated the latest ecosystem partners/platforms/institutions.

December 2, 2020

NerveNetwork announced that it supports OKB to participate in cross-chain immediate staking. In the future, it will also access OKExChain’s cross-chain support to build a bridge for cross-chain interconnection of public chain digital assets.


December 4, 2020

NULS ecosystem project Earhart confirmed that it’s token EHT will be listing on NerveDEX very soon.


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