NULS Bi-Monthly Report — Second Half of November

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NULS Bi-Monthly Report — Second Half of November

Technological Progress

  • NerveNetwork officially opened up the assets mutual circulation among the public chains of ETH, BSC and NULS;
  • The review of the new version of Nabox UI is complete, and both IOS and Android terminal have begun developing;
  • Optimized the NULS node wallet to improve stability and solve the yellow card problem due to large transaction volume;
  • NTC has developed the function of Nerve wallet to support the cross-chain circulation assets from the BSC network;
  • NTC optimized the “Asset Management” page of Nerve Wallet, users can customize the assets that need to be displayed;
  • NTC optimized cross-chain transactions — users can view the progress of cross-chain transactions in real time and add handling fees to improve the speed of transaction confirmation;
  • NTC has completed the development of the static page and the account module of the Chrome plugin. They are currently developing the transfer module.

Business and Community Progress

November 16th, 2020

NerveNetwork released version v1.6.0, which successfully opened up cross-chain with BSC, supported BNB/HT/OKB asset immediate staking, and adjusted the dynamic fee of cross-chain transactions. This upgrade was compulsory. NVT’s cross-chain assets smart contract address on the BSC network is: 0xf0E406c49C63AbF358030A299C0E00118C4C6BA5–6–0/3777

November 17th, 2020

NULS team upgraded the node program to the v2.7.2 version (, which repaired and optimized the found problems. This upgrade is optional.

November 18th, 2020

NULS released the cross-chain assets smart contract address on the BSC network: 0x8CD6e29d3686d24d3C2018CEe54621eA0f89313B


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