NULS Bi-Monthly Report for the Second Half of February 2021

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Topics Covered:

  • NULS Technical Progress
  • NULS SCO Platform
  • NULS Trading
  • NULS Other News
  • NULS Community Governance

NULS Technical Progress

  • Internal testing has begun for the chrome plug-in wallet. Results are being evaluated.
  • NULS is making changes to the community governance features, including resolving voting data display problems raised by the community.
  • NULS Core Team and NTC are working to resolve NerveDEX data display issues and occasional pending orders.
  • February 28, 2021: internal testing began for the Nabox plug-in wallet. Currently, it supports ETH/BSC/Heco network assets and cross-chain transfer between multi-chain assets. Everyone is welcome to participate in the testing.

Nabox chrome plugin wallet details

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Nabox chrome plugin wallet usage documentation:

Nabox plugin wallet test use suggestion feedback:

NULS SCO Platform

  • February 17, 2021: NULS and MesChain have discussed future collaboration opportunities, and MesChain launched its project on the NULS SCO platform....

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