NULS Bimonthly Report for the First Half of October

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Technological Progress

1. Designing of Nabox plug-in on Chrome has been reviewed completely and is now under development.

2. Nabox IOS has been developed completely. This will support the cross-chain transfer function and has currently entered its testing phase.

3. NTC has completed the development of the mobile terminal for Nerve wallet which has been released on the main network. Users can now use Nerve wallet on their mobile.

4. NTC has completed the design of the mobile terminal for NerveDEX and is now being developed.

5. NTC has updated V1.4.2 version for NerveNetwork mainnet to fix the known problems of cross-chain registration and command.

Business and Community Progress

On October 4th, 2020

NULS SCO ecosystem project-Earhart (EHT) is based from NULS’ s underlying blockchain technology to build the traceability and inspection system of aircraft parts. The total staking amount has exceeded 2 million NULS after launching on POCM platform for 12 hours.


On October 6th, 2020

NULS posted the staking ROI for NULS, NerveNetwork and its POCM ecosystem projects....

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