NULS Bimonthly Report for the Second Half of October 2020

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Technological Progress

  1. The design of the new version of Nabox wallet was completed. This will become a multi-chain wallet with supporting multiple cross-chain transactions;
  2. The testing of IOS Nabox was completed and will be submitted for review and release soon;
  3. NULS updated its node version to V2.7.0 which improved network stability and reduced cross-chain registration fees;
  4. The UI design of the Chrome plug-in was completed and has entered the developing phase;
  5. The mobile terminal of NerveDEX is under development.
  6. NULS Heterogeneous Cross-chain Ecosystem NerveNetwork Launched Option NVT_05

Business & Community Progress

On October 16th , 2020

NULS Chinese ambassador LvBaTou made a tutorial on how to mine NVT on HPP. The details are as below:

On October 17th, 2020

NULS SCO ecosystem project LCC coin officially launched on C network and opened a trading competition.

The details are as below:

On October 18th , 2020

NULS community councilor Reaper updated the distribution of NULS community funds:


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