NULS in Action — Part One

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NULS in Action — Part One

Why Blockchain?

While some blockchain projects seem to have the sole purpose of storing value, others are trying to solve real-world problems like poverty, pollution and housing. Some blockchains projects are also software platforms capable of spawning new blockchain solutions.

With NULS — not only is value stored, but the blockchain software behind it is used to create new blockchains capable of storing value, NFTs, smart contracts and infinite types of records and documents. In Singapore, NULS is currently in use as a payment method for food and other goods delivered to smart lockers.

Innovation in Tech

Singapore — an island nation of almost six million people, is a powerhouse for innovation in technology and the economy. The country has been a pioneer in creating National Digital Identities (NDI) and using blockchain in transactions for land registries, vehicle registration, and passports.

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The government agency, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), announced in 2020 a plan for smart lockers to help reduce their carbon footprint. Through its wholly owned subsidiary PickNetwork, one thousand smart parcel lockers will be in position on Singapore Island by the end of 2021.

Image credit: PickNetworks

These lockers will be within a five-minute walk of various housing areas. And the company providing tech and user interface is VeriTAG, using NULS as it’s blockchain. Cameras are installed at the locker stations to discourage theft. Sensors in every locker verify item deposit and retrieval.

In the US, Amazon successfully uses smart lockers, placed in grocery stores and other convenient locations. Packages in a locker are not subject to theft or weather damage.

Check it out

To get started, please use the VeriTAG website with a phone number (currently supports 11 Asian countries).

Once logged in, you are given an account that includes around 4 Umbrage tokens.


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