NULS POCM Project Earhart Listing Soon on NerveDEX

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Fasten Your Seatbelts. Another one from NULS’ diverse list of POCM projects is taking flight — Earhart.

Earhart’s partnership with NULS is blockchain in Aviation personified. Since Earhart’s launch, NULS has committed to helping revolutionize and maximize blockchain use in the Aviation space — and this ‘power duo’ is only ramping up.

To fuel things up, NerveNetworks Founder Berzeck and Earhart Solutions have confirmed that Earhart will be listed on NerveDEX soon. Earhart has transferred 5% of EHT supply to the NULS Foundation. This shows a unified and strengthened partnership between the two, dedicated to delivering their best with one common goal.

“This execution is in line with Earhart’s 2020 Roadmap, with another clear objective achieved this year.”

NULS will use the funds to enhance both ecosystems with several activities, including marketing, cross-promotions, the creation of liquidity mining for EHT at Goblinswap, etc. They will also help future partners that offer the same solution-based services. NULS will help spearhead and support Earhart all throughout the process.

NerveNetwork, the blockchain on which NerveDEX is built, is a sister project of NULS, completed and launched on July of this year. It is an on-chain decentralized digital asset service network based on Nulstar, NULS’ micro-services framework.

“With our SCO platform, you can invest in EHT without risking your money or capital.” — Berzeck, NerveNetwork Founder

Technical Partnership

The NULS technical teams in the US and Asia are working closely with Earhart on the blockchain implementation of Earhart’s plan. Earhart aims to interconnect all the main branches of aviation documentation to create a safe, immutable, and reliable means to verify aviation records.

“We have been working closely with NULS and we couldn’t be happier with all the support they have given us.”— Earhart Solutions

Standards for Earhart

The aeronautical industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the world ...

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