NULS Supports NFT Assets

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NFT assets can be used in many scenarios. Whether it’s virtual assets or more physical assets to anchor on the chain in the future, NFT is one of the essential asset types.

At this year’s 3rd Anniversary Ecological Cloud Summit, NULS released an updated roadmap and announced that it would provide essential support for NFT-related projects.

To better support NFT projects’ development, NULS light wallet (including web wallet and the PC client) currently supports NFT asset management.

What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have gradually become one of the primary asset forms in the current encrypted asset market. Each token or batch of NFT assets is unique, irreplaceable, and indivisible. Just like the domain names, phone numbers, game characters, and props we use on the Internet.

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Standardized: NFT has standardized functions, such as ownership, transfer, etc. All non-fungible tokens have these functions. Any developer can use this feature to build their own NFT.

Universal: NFT is universal, and any application that wants to use NFT can use it. Based on the publicly accessible attributes of the blockchain, everyone can read and deploy NFT’s smart contracts.

Liquidity: The liquidity market related to encrypted assets is considerable. People can easily exchange them for cash or other encrypted assets according to their needs. NFT has high liquidity.

Invariance: Blockchains are known for their invariance. NFTs are implemented through smart contracts. This makes the NFT immutable. That is, the user may not change NFT into another NFT. The ownership of NFTs is permanently recorded on the blockchain and stays so unless the user decides to transfer it to another user.

Programmable: NFT is implemented through smart contracts, and NFT tokens can be enhanced and can contain other complex functions....

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