NV 2.0: An introductory DeFi primer (Part 1)

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A brief overview of how NV 2.0 would work

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received since the announcement of our strategic pivot to bring Nucleus Vision into the world of decentralized finance. We also acknowledge that we can be perceived as one among several others trying to ride the current DeFi wave.

We want to take this communication opportunity to clarify a few core principles that we have stood by as a company and the reason behind our strategy change. Nucleus Vision was incepted as a payments company in the offline retail world, where we have made tremendous progress over the past 2 years. Alas, the Covid-19 situation dampened the speed at which we were able to scale and expand our offering. This unforeseeable global offline retail carnage forced our customers to realign their focus on online and in effect, made us to go back to the drawing board, and strategically explore ways in which we can utilize Nucleus Vision’s core technology and partnerships in the online e-commerce payment systems — as our vision has always been to bring the power of cryptocurrency payments to the world of retail shopping.

With that clarity of vision in mind, we are excited to share our plans to offer “point-of-sale” e-commerce financing, powered by decentralized finance. We strongly believe that in the next 10 years, majority of e-commerce giants will have a cryptocurrency touchpoint. We aim to jumpstart this adoption by allowing crypto enthusiasts to finance their e-commerce purchases, without having to run a real-world credit-check. To provide a simpler analogy, we are building the Affirm or Klarna of the digital asset ecosystem, fueled by the core elements of DeFi. FYI, Affirm and Klarna are the multi-billion-dollar traditional finance companies operating in the same domain.

For phase 1, think of Nucleus Finance as ...

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