NV 2.0 And The Micro Real Estate Marketplace

NV 2.0’s recent acquisition of Jiffy Charge (a micro real estate marketplace company) is part of its larger mandate of becoming a world leader in the private communication network space.

So what does this acquisition imply? Jiffy Charge is automated retail at its best. It is a multi-sided platform for a meaningful convergence of real estate owners, brands, and customers — A digital infrastructure designed to explore every under-utilized micro real estate space. By putting products and brands exactly where the customer needs them, Jiffy Charge drives powerful analytics, optimizes customer intelligence, and enables highly actionable marketing for increased sales and optimizing product inventory.

Micro Real Estate Marketplace — The Airbnb Of Real Estate

One can look at the Micro Real Estate marketplace as an Airbnb for real estate. Almost every conceivable real estate space — from malls in malls, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations, and even homes — becomes a business opportunity. The asset inventories range from vending machines, a micro warehouse box, micro rental units, cloud kitchens to digital screens, and many more. Apart from opening up added avenues for revenue generation, for respective retail owners, brands can reach out to potential customers to showcase or sell their products.

Addressing Challenges In Enabling Global Micro Real Estate Marketplaces

Along with building global Micro Real Estate marketplaces come certain challenges.
To begin with, networks enabling these marketplaces have to be highly secured to ensure the protection of valuable consumer data flowing through them. They should offer ultra-reliable connectivity for smooth transactions between all involved participants. Once secured transmission of data with low latency is assured, the networks require a protocol that is driven by low transaction fees. This in turn would require an underlying blockchain layer that brings in the ubiquitous decentralized network.

NV 2.0’s Private Communication Network — Creating Real Value


While NV 2....

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