Official Release of the New TRON Mascot — TRON-BULL

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Official Release of the New TRON Mascot — TRON-BULL

2020 has been a year full of ups and downs for the industry, with the COVID-19 pandemic dealing a heavy blow to the global economy. In effort to bring hope and encouragement to the industry as well as injecting a fresh sense of vitality to the TRON brand, TRON launches the new TRON mascot: TRON-BULL.

Design Background:

The core design of TRON-BULL was inspired by the resemblance between the letter T in TRON and the horn of a bull.

The three lines that form the symbol T in TRON’s logo can extend infinitely in space and shape, a symbolic extension of the TRON brand, and is a key element in the TRON-BULL design concept and becoming a distinct visual Supersign.

Behind the TRON-BULL

TRON-BULL has a mosaic of four stories set in the forest, moon, desert and science fiction, each of which symbolizes an adventure in a different world. Together, they piece a complete adventurous story and we believe that everyone can relate to.

Behind the TRON-BULL is a mosaic of four adventure stories set in the rainforest, moon, desert and a cyberpunk universe, each of which symbolizes its own unique adventure for the mascot.

Together, the series becomes an epic adventure story we believe everyone can find inspiration, or their own adventure, in.

Rainforest: One day in the modern world, an unknown object lands on earth. TRON-BULL sets off on an arduous journey and discovers TRX, a token heralding an upcoming revolution.

Desert: TRON-BULL has dreamt for a celestial adventure, and finally sets off to the desert with its TRX to test the token’s powers, but accidentally loses it along the way…

The Moon: TRON-BULL recovers its lost TRX, but also discovers a mysterious link between TRX and the moon, and embarks on another epic adventure.


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