OKChain and YOYOW Foundation Reached an Ecological Partnership

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YOYOW is a content value network based on blockchain technology. Its goal is to build a blockchain network that uses blockchain technology to quantify contribution in the content production area using a decentralized consensus method. The YOYOW project has completed the development of multiple versions of mainnet and supporting projects since its launch in 2017. Multiple new features will be added to the YOYOW 3.0 being developed by the YOYOW Foundation development team, including the support of Turing-complete smart contract, Smart Content Token and inter-blockchain communication.

OKChain is an original public blockchain developed by OKEx based on the Cosmos SDK. OKChain allows users to publish and run various decentralized applications, issue their own digital assets, create their own digital asset trading pairs, and trade freely. Through the OKChain inter-blockchain module, the value interoperability of the blockchain, user interoperability, and scenario application interoperability can be realized simply and efficiently, and finally the co-construction of the ecosystem and the value-added system can be realized. At the same time, OKChain also provides users with various Defi applications such as USDK stablecoin and OpenDEX.

OKEx was ranked among the top exchanges in the world and the YOYOW Foundation has maintained great cooperation and communication with OKEx. In February 2020, the OKEx mining pool owned by OKEx has officially become the DPOS block producer of YOYOW Mainnet.

Through the cooperation between the YOYOW Foundation and OKChain, the two parties will be committed to building an interconnected inter-blockchain ecosystem, bringing USDK, OpenDEX, OKT, OKB and other Defi services provided by OKChain to the YOYOW blockchain via inter-blockchain technology. At the same time, the smart tokens of the YOYOW blockchain can also be applied to the OKChain ecosystem through inter-blockchain technology to jointly strengthen and improve the ecology of the OKChain and YOYOW blockchain.

Cooperation Program

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