Ontology is Now Officially a Technical Provider for Enterprise Solutions through Cointelegraph…

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Ontology is Now Officially a Technical Provider for Enterprise Solutions through Cointelegraph Consulting

May this be just the beginning.

For a thorough adoption of blockchain technology, the road must go through enterprises — this is something we have always known at Ontology, and with the recent addition by Cointelegraph Consulting to its technical provider list after a rigorous screening, we are more confident than ever that enterprise solutions will be a cornerstone to not just the success at Ontology, but the entire blockchain industry as a whole.

With over 5 million unique visitors each month and over 17 million page views, Cointelegraph has rapidly established itself as one of the media anchors in the blockchain space. But the readers it attracts aren’t merely traders, enthusiasts, or bitcoin fiends — rather, Cointelegraph has quietly established itself as a legitimate mediator between established enterprises and blockchain technology providers. As a result, a consulting arm was launched that aims to “…connect the world between blockchain and traditional institutions of all sizes by bringing wider adoption of digital assets and enterprise-grade blockchain solutions through education and professional consulting services.”

In many ways, this match between Cointelegraph Consulting and Ontology was a predetermined match, as illustrated by the pre-existing enterprise case studies implemented by Ontology. The most recent example, with Daimler Mobility, saw the implementation of Ontology’s DeID to allow users to customize and personally manage their automotive experiences regardless of the car they’re sitting in. A decentralized identity solution is at the forefront of blockchain technology and provides unlimited potential for organizations since much of the digital trend these days revolves around data & identity protection.

Another example of the pre-existing enterprise implementations is Ontology’s partnership with Kaiyun Motors and OGQ. By providing the technical support for a public chain, Kaiyun Motors has been able to store ...

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