Ontology Weekly Report (April 1st–6th, 2021)

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As we come to the end of the first week of April we wrap up another successful week for Ontology. As our community continues to grow, Ontology’s decentralized identity solution continues to gauge the interest of respected voices in the industry.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

  • We have completed 70% of the Ontology EVM-integrated design, which will make Ontology fully compatible with the Ethereum smart contract ecology after completion.
  • We have completed 50% of the latest Layer 2 technology, exploring the integration of Ethereum Layer 2 on Ontology MainNet.

Product Development

  • We have released v3.8.0, including optimization of the interface of front-end.
  • The ONTO x OpenOcean event has ended successfully and rewards will be issued soon.


  • 113 dApps were launched in total on MainNet.
  • 6,509,768 dApp transactions were completed on MainNet.
  • 38,616 dApp-related transactions took place in the past week.

Community Growth

The Ontology community is growing at a rapid rate. This week we onboarded over 2,429 new members across Ontology’s global communities.

To keep up with our latest developments and community updates, please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or follow us on Twitter. As always, we encourage anyone who is interested in Ontology to join us....

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