Ontology Weekly Report (December 15–21)

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As we come to the end of December, it’s time to take a look back at what the Ontology team has been up to in the last week.

We are closing out the year on a high note with two new partnerships announced last week, which includes adding our Decentralized Identity (DeID) solution to the blockchain-based e-voting system launched by Waves Enterprise. Ontology has also added pre-execution features for batch transactions. Our DeID ensures that the identities and data of people who vote are protected and verified. This week we also announced our collaboration with Litentry, and we aim to onboard 10,000 users to our DeID and OScore solutions together!


- Added Ontology pre-execution feature for batch transactions

Product Development


- Launched ONTO v3.6.5

- Carried out the “Gas Fee Airdrop” campaign with Binance Smart Chain. Users who transferred BEP-20 BNB in their ONTO wallets got the chance to earn BNB from a pool with the highest equivalent value of $50000. As of December 20th, more than 7,000 ONTO users participated.


- 108 dApps running on Ontology

- 6,240,890dApp-related transactions since the Ontology genesis block

- 6,587 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program

- 1 new application for SDKs

Community Growth

- 146 new members onboarded across Ontology’s Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, and Indian communities.

Newly Released

- In the Polkadot Parachain test network Rococo V1 press conference, it was announced that the TestNet will be launched on Christmas Eve, December 24th. Ontology will integrate DelD onto Polkadot to build up Polkadot’s parachains and participate in the parachain slots auction in the future....

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