Ontology Weekly Report (May 12th–18th, 2021)


It’s been another busy week at Ontology: Our Chief Scientist was invited to the IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee Plenary & P3200S WG meeting, while Wing Finance, Ontology’s credit-based cross-chain DeFi platform, officially released its OKExChain version.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

- 95% of the Ontology EVM-integrated design has been completed, which will make Ontology compatible with the Ethereum smart contract ecology.

- 10% of ETH RPC support has been completed.

- 20% of Ontology’s new Ether account system has been completed.

Product Development

- ONTO App v3.8.3 has been released and will support the upgraded OKExChain MainNet.

- To celebrate Wing’s launch on OKExChain, a liquidity mining and staking activity involving CafeSwap was launched (note: the mining activity jointly organized with ApeSwap is still running).


- 115 dApps have been launched on MainNet.

- 15,547,631 transactions have been completed on MainNet, an increase of 58,300 from last week.

Community Growth

This week, the How To Get Your First ONG guide was shared by Dumont, Ontology’s Telegram Admin. The guide helps Ontology’s global community members understand the network’s staking mechanism and participate in the maintenance and development of the Ontology ecosystem.

We encourage anyone who is interested in Ontology to join us. We’re active on Twitter and Telegram where you can keep up with all our latest developments and community updates.

Global News

- Wing, the first credit-based DeFi cross-chain platform, officially launched on the OKExChain MainNet, the open-source trading chain renowned for its safe and efficient, decentralized structure....

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