Ontology Weekly Report (May 4th–11th, 2021)

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As we close off the first week of May, let’s take a look back on some highlights for the week. Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, published an opinion piece discussing how self-sovereign identity solutions will reshape the way we share data on the internet. In addition, ONTO and bloXroute announced a partnership to provide ETH front-running protection for wallet users.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

- 90% of the Ontology EVM-integrated design has been completed, which will make Ontology compatible with the Ethereum smart contract ecology.

- 80% of the Layer 2 integration has been completed, exploring the integration of Ethereum Layer 2 on the Ontology MainNet.

Product Development

- ONTO and bloXroute announced they will join forces to provide ETH front-running protection for wallet users, a move to further safeguard and protect users against market manipulation.

- ONTO and ApeSwap are currently running a joint liquidity mining campaign.


- 115 dApps have been launched on MainNet.

- 6,579,524 transactions have been completed on MainNet, an increase of 25,362 from last week.

Community Growth

1,120 new members were onboarded across our global communities. We are very excited to see the Ontology community continue to grow and we encourage anyone who is interested in Ontology to join us. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram to keep up with our latest developments and community updates.

Global News

- Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, was invited to speak with Irish Tech News Podcast host, Jamil Hasan, on how Ontology and SAGA are creating a regulatory framework for decentralization to accelerate the development of blockchain.

- Ontology’s Head of Community, Humpty Calderon, and Advisor of Wing Finance, Erick Pinos, held the first Ontology Community Call event on Discord to answer common questions from the community....

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