Ontology Weekly Report (November 2–9)

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The first week of November saw our latest partnership be announced. We are delighted to share that Ontology is now officially a Technical Provider through Cointelegraph Consulting. Other highlights this week include the completion of the ONTO Special NFT Medal Campaign for October, the distribution of the 1,000 Citizen medals, 1,000 Follower medals, and 1,000 ONG incentives. We have also continued to share product and integration updates with bloXroute.

- Completed 40% of Wasm-NeoVm cross-protocol debugging tool update
- Completed update of JSON-RPC port

Product Development
- ONTO v3.6.0 released
- Integrated the feature of cross-chain swap between multiple trading pairs
- Upgraded the asset management feature on “Assets” page
- Optimized the feature of wallet import/export
- Added the feature of sending messages when the user is making a transfer

- 104 dApps live on Ontology
- 6,207,484 dApp-related transactions since genesis block
- 6,305 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program
- 1 new application for the Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth
- 294 new members onboarded across Ontology’s Turkish, Vietnamese, and Russian communities

Newly Released
- On November 4th, Cointelegraph Consulting, the consulting arm of Cointelegraph, announced that Ontology is now an official Technical Provider for enterprise solutions. This further highlights Ontology’s commitment to providing enterprise solutions and will work to bring more trust and vitality to the blockchain sector.

- On November 2nd, the ONTO Special NFT Medal Campaign for October was successfully completed. The ONTO team distributed 1,000 Citizen medals, 1,000 Follower medals, and a total of 1,000 ONG incentives. The follower medal is special in that it could be used as multi-purpose medals in the ONTO NFT Medal Challenge 2020 at the end of the year.

- We have continued to share our product updates and integration updates with ...

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