Ontology Weekly Report (October 9–19)

This week, we are proud to release an update on the progress we have made in relation to our recent partnership with Daimler Mobility, as well sharing an exciting social update with “How Being On The Road Will Feel Just Like Home With Ontology & Daimler Mobility”.

In addition, Ontology has also launched OScore, a decentralized credit scoring system built on the Ontology blockchain, which provides an overview of a user’s latest asset status without compromising on privacy.


- Completed 20% of the Wasm-NeoVm cross-protocol debugging tool update

Product Development

- ONTO v3.5.5 released, added support for interacting with the OScore website through scanning


- 93 dApps live on Ontology
- 6,193,455 dApp-related transactions since genesis block
- 50,405 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program

- 1 new application for SDKs, 1 new application for the Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth

- 1,820 new members onboarded across Ontology’s Vietnamese, Urdu and Tagalog communities

Newly Released

- On October 10, Ontology completed the release of 1,000 special NFT medals for the month of September, and listed the wallet addresses of each of those NFT medal winners;
- On October 14, Ontology released a detailed video explainer of the six steps users can take in the Welcome Home system, the in-car system designed by Ontology and Daimler Mobility. The six steps range from data management and data access to options to sync with social media platforms. Supported by open, transparent and reliable on-chain digital identities, Welcome Home strikes a balance between the need to meet user demands and ensuring full protection of their privacy;
- On October 19, Ontology launched the OScore, a decentralized credit score based on the Ontology blockchain. Users can now check their OScore on ONTO, Ontology’s data wallet, and the OScore website ...

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