Ontology Weekly Report (September 7–13, 2021)


Reflecting a major endorsement for decentralized identity, Ontology recently announced that ONT ID, its decentralized digital identity application, has surpassed 1.5 million users. Ontology has also now officially deployed its EVM TestNet and is opening its EVM-compatible public beta for developers.

Latest Developments

Development Progress

  • We have completed the launch of Ontology’s EVM TestNet and are 45% done with testing. Ontology’s Security Vulnerabilities and Threat Intelligence Bounty Program has launched with a top prize of $12,000 in ONG rewards.
  • We have completed Ethereum RPC support and are 100% done with internal testing. The TestNet has been synchronized online; we are 40% done with testing.
  • We have completed 100% of Ontology’s new Ethereum account system development, the TestNet has been synchronized online; we are 42% done with testing.
  • The EVM/OEP-4 asset seamless transfer technical solution, which facilitates the efficient conversion between OEP-4 assets and EVM assets, is complete and the TestNet has been synchronized online; we are 38% done with testing.
  • We have completed 100% of the tutorial documents on EVM contract development on the Ontology chain.

Product Development

  • Ontology released 3,333 limited edition Ontology Avatars. Each Avatar is randomly generated and can be tied to an ONT ID that represents the owner in the metaverse. All Ontology Avatars were claimed in less than 5 hours.
  • ONTO hosted a cross-chain campaign with BurgerSwap Bridge. Participants who perform cross-chain transactions on BurgerSwap with ONTO will have the chance to win rewards. Bonuses will be given to the top 50 participants with the highest cross-chain transaction value on BurgerSwitch.
  • ONTO hosted a liquidity mining campaign with ApeSwap, a decentralized exchange and yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain. All participants will win rewards; 100 winners who stake in the ONG-BNB pool via ONTO Wallet will be entered into an ONG lottery.
  • ONTO hosted a NFT competition event ...

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