OPEN CALL: Explore & evaluate our sleek new staking portal in exchange for $ZIL rewards!

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Scroll down for our step-by-step guide to navigating testnet staking on ‘Zillion’

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you might have seen that we have launched a brand new non-custodial staking portal called Zillion to provide our users with a simplified and elegant user experience when staking $ZIL.

We’ve got more good news! You can now play around with Zillion by participating in our public beta testing for non-custodial staking on our testnet. Your feedback is paramount to us as we prepare for the staking mainnet launch. With a cap of 5000 USD for the week-long campaign, we will be offering discretionary rewards between US$5 to US$200 worth of ZIL based on the quality and type of feedback.

*Note: $ZIL <> USD exchange rate will be calculated based on the day of reward issuance

We’ll be accepting reports till 25 September 2020 via this link. Winners will be announced via a blog post at the end of the campaign period.

Remember, rewards for feedback/suggestions provided will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis! You can cross-check for existing bug reports on our issue tracker. For UI/feature suggestions, please check out this TO-DO list to see a list of the existing suggestions that have been taken into consideration.

*Note: For feature suggestions, we are looking at practical incremental improvements to Zillion. The improvements should also be specific and not general high level suggestions. Any suggestion should be aimed at improving the overall user experience of Zillion.

The following suggestions will be out of scope:

  • Integration with other platform(s)
  • Integration with new wallet(s)
  • Adding new FAQs and tutorials
  • Adding of social media information

For you smart contract security experts out there — we will soon be launching a Bug Bounty Programme as an extension of this beta test. With our commitment to user safety, your expertise is much ...

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