Ost Powers Decrypt Token for Media Engagement

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Decrypt token built on Ost technology demo’d at EthCC in Paris, featuring branded Decrypt Seasons. Program to launch in Q2 2020.

We are excited to announce that leading crypto media company Decrypt will launch its own token that rewards audience engagement powered by Ost technology, enabling Decrypt to unlock revenue opportunities beyond the traditional media advertising model.

Taking advantage of our technology that enables developers to seamlessly embed Ethereum wallets into applications to benefit from zero-fee microtransactions, Decrypt will issue a token that its audience can earn by reading, engaging with, and sharing articles. In this way, Ost technology is helping one of the fastest-growing companies covering the blockchain space to actually harness the power of the technology to capture value in significant, new ways.

By partnering with Ost, we’ve been able to build out an innovative approach to sponsorship where users read the content they care about and advertisers don’t get in the way — they add real value.

— Josh Quittner, editorial director and co-founder of Decrypt.

James Dyer, Decrypt co-founder and head of product, highlighted the top reasons the media company chose Ost when he announced and demonstrated the new token in a presentation at EthCC in Paris alongside Ost CEO Jason Goldberg:

  • Users First — Ost provides a toolkit for delivering outstanding UX
  • Fast — the user experience is lightning fast with instant transactions
  • Cheap — embedded microtransactions mean rewards are low-cost
  • Secure — there is leading security out the box
  • Developer velocity — Ost provides SDKs to bootstrap implementation

Introducing Decrypt Seasons — a new tokenized sponsorship model

Decrypt tokens will be released in “seasons”, via the Decrypt app. Each season will be co-sponsored with an advertising partner and users will be able to collect tokens across seasons and store them in their in-app wallet.

Just as with Pepo, the community app powered by Ost, Decrypt’s highly ...

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