Overview of multi-chain-structure data in the 3rd week since aelf mainnet launch

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On 25 December, aelf’s first side-chain was deployed on the mainnet. So far, aelf has launched the main chain and side-chain step by step. The multi-chain structure of the mainnet is now up and running.

As of 16:00, 31 December, the data for the multi-chain-structure of the aelf mainnet are as follows.

The following supporting suite has also been released:

aelf’s website has added access to the mainnet, which allows you to track the mainnet progress in a more timely manner. On the homepage, users can check the mainnet data, DApps, launch progress, etc... They can also enter the mainnet launch page from the navigation bar to view the latest version of the mainnet launch roadmap and the ELF release plan. In the future, aelf will focus more on offering accurate, timely, comprehensive, and latest information and user-friendly services.

The year 2020 is a very fast-growing year for the blockchain industry and a very important year for the aelf team. Over the past year, we have achieved many milestones, such as successfully launching the mainnet on 10 December, which is of great significance for the development of the aelf ecosystem.

Looking ahead to 2021, aelf will continue to innovate the blockchain technology applications, accelerate the mainnet process, build a sound and sustainable development of the public chain ecosystem. With the continuous development of business, the ecosystem of the aelf blockchain will continue to expand and grow.

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